Classical Guitarist Harumi Nakajima, Guitar Lesson, Official Website

■ Harumi Nakajima's Guitar Classes
Address 〒153-0065  2-46-11, Naka-cho, Meguro-ku 目黒教室地図
(Toyoko Line Yutenji station on foot 6 minutes)
TEL & FAX 03-3760-4645
Entrance fee

5,000 yen

Private lesson

3 times per month (50min.), monthly fee:13,000 yen

2 time per months (50min.),monthly fee10,000 yen
one time (50)min. 10,000yen
3 lessons appointment 16,000 yen

group lesson time (1 hour), 3,000 yen per person
Delivery lesson
foreign student, old people, and ensemble
school club, command instruction, etc.
ensemble lesson
time (1 hour), 3,000 yen per person
Delivery lesson

foreign student, old people, and ensemble
A school club, command instruction, etc.

  - The guitar for lesson can be borrowed.
- In addition to this, respond to :performance request.
(solo,ensemble,chamber music,Conducting ,
Other musical instruments accompaniment, etc.)
Textbook "new guitar textbook" by Obara Yasumasa , "the world of a guitar"
"New guitar method" by Noboru Muraji ,etc.
Collection of music "collection for exhibitions of guitar music"
Nakagawa Nobutaka editorial supervision
"the collection of etude music of Sol" etc.
Junior textbook
"Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners" by J.Stewart
"favorite guitar" by Noboru Muraji ,etc.
"Technique of classic guitar" Nobutaka Nakagawa edit ensemble "an ensemble repertory"
Address 〒143-0016 1-6-16, Omori-kita, Ota-ku The sixth floor of station building PURIMO
TEL 03-5471-6311

adult  ( Tuesday) 15:00〜16:30

junior  ( Tuesday) 16:40〜18:10
private  (The 2nd・4th Tuesday) 18:30〜21:00
The Yomiuri culture center Jiyugaoka class ( The 2nd・4th Tuesday)  ( The 1st・3rd Friday)
Address 〒158-0083 5-27-5, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku The third floor of building gyosai
TEL 03-3723-7100
Class private ( The 2nd・4th Tuesday) 17:30〜21:00
private ( The 1st・3rd Friday) 16:30〜21:00
The Yomiuri culture center Kashiwa class ( The 2nd・4th Thursday)
Address 〒277-0005 Kashiwa, Kashiwa-city The fourth floor of SOGO
TEL 04-7164-3151
Class private ( The 2nd・4th Thursday)10:30〜15:00
The Yomiuri culture center Kawaguchi class (The 2nd・4th Monday)
Address 〒332-0015 3-3, Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi-city The fourth floor of Ribure-nibangai
TEL 048-255-3085
Class adult (The 2nd・4th Monday) 15:45〜17:15
junior (The 2nd・4th Monday) 17:30〜18:30
adult (The 2nd・4th Monday) 18:30〜20:00
private (The 2nd・4th Monday)  17:00〜20:30
*All classes in above will change to this private course from Oct.1st 2010